Your Borough 22 Doughnuts are on their way! What do you need to do to get ready!

Our artisanal certified gluten free and plant based fried and baked doughnuts don't quite behave in the same way as glutinous non vegan doughnuts. They need some love and attention once you've received them to ensure you have the best eating experience.

Consume within 24 hours of receipt otherwise you can freeze them to retain their freshness. 


If you've received our award-winning fried doughnuts it is essential that you follow these instructions. 


Air Fryer or Oven for Fried Doughnuts 

Reheat in an air fryer at 180 for 4-6 minutes and immediately re-roll in sugar. Allow resting for a few minutes before eating. 

Preheat the oven to 180 and bake for 6-8minutes, remove from the oven and re-roll in sugar and allow to rest a few minutes before eating.

Microwave for Fried or Baked Doughnuts 

For an 800w microwave, we recommend a 20-second burst followed by 10-second rest until warmed through.

Remove from the microwave and immediately re-roll in sugar. Allow to rest for a few minutes before eating.

Yes, our baked and fried doughnuts can be frozen on arrival and defrosted ready to consume. For our baked doughnuts you can defrost and leave to sit at room temperature before consuming. For our fried doughnuts, allow to defrost thoroughly then complete the reheat instructions above.