Where is my order?

For all orders you will receive tracking emails or SMS from our fulfilment partners, DHL, Anddine (Onfleet) or Quiver. If you have not received any of these then please contact us at hello@borough22doughnuts.com and one of the team will look into this for you.

When will my order be shipped?

We ask for 2 business days from receiving your order to fulfilling it. This gives us a day to see and add it to the schedule and a day for it to be delivered. Of course if you've chosen a future date for delivery then we will fulfil the order then.

If you have forgotten when you requested your order to be delivered then please email hello@borough22doughnuts.com and we can have a look for you.

For orders outside of London deliveries can be made between Tuesdays and Fridays at our standards rates. We can offer Saturday deliveries but there is an additional charge depending on what service you require (£15-£25).

Orders in Greater and Central London can be shipped Tuesday to Saturdays. 

What Is the shelf life of your doughnuts?

Our baked and fried doughnut should ideally be consumed on the day of receipt.

Can doughnuts be frozen?

Our baked and fried doughnut can both be frozen. To regenerate, remove from the freezer and allow to defrost for several hours or ideally over night. Baked doughnuts can then be consumed, fried doughnuts will require reheating and re-rolling in caster sugar. Full reheating instruction are provided below.

Do you have a physical shop?

We do not have a physical shop. We work out of a production kitchen in Bermondsey, SE16 3DH.

Can i get doughnuts made fresh the same day?

We are not offering same day order and delivery quite yet. However you can order in advance and have your doughnuts made fresh in the morning and delivered later that same day via several options.

  1. Quiver - If you are in a central London location simply input the address details of where you would like them delivered and our website will show you options for a Quiver delivery. You can even choose a time slot when you would like the delivery to be made. (Please note that deliveries can only be made from 11:30am so please do not choose an early morning time slot.) If you do not see an option for a Quiver delivery upon inputting your address then it means, unfortunately, that you are outside of the catchment area.
  2. Anddine - If you live in the Greater London area then you can head to https://www.anddine.co.uk/store/borough-22 to place your order. Choose your box, the date you would like them delivered and they will be made the morning of and delivered later that same day.

Where can i buy your doughnuts?

Our fried doughnut are only available via our website or https://www.anddine.co.uk/store/borough-22/. Our baked doughnuts can be ordered in the same way or via Selfridges food hall daily, or every Saturday at The Broca in Brockley and Marmelo Kitchen in Leyton.